Sierra Safari Zoo Coupons

Sierra Safari Zoo
10200 North Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89506

Phone: (775) 677-1104

About the Zoo:
If you’re living in Reno, Nevada, going to Sierra Safari Zoo would be one of the best things to do. Thinking about the budget? You don’t have to worry because the admission rates are low-end and you can even bring your whole family here! Don’t have any idea what animals await you? Here are some of the animals that you will find inside Sierra Safari Zoo:

– Patas Monkey
– Tufted Capuchin
– Ring-tailed Lemur
– Hamadryas Baboon
– African Green Vervet Monkey
– Olive Baboon

Big Cats
– African Leopard
– African Lion
– Liger
– Siberian Tiger

Small Cats

– Caracal
– Serval
– Canadian Lynx
– Mountain Lion
– Bobcat

There are also animals from hoof stock like fallow deer, aoudad, zebu, dromedary camel and mule. Of course, your kids will also love birds like peafowl, macaw, and also reptiles like python, alligator and iguana.

If you want to save a lot of money when visiting Sierra Safari Zoo, you can purchase a seasonal pass that’s good for one year. Here’s the prices guideline that might be of use to you:

Family (maximum of 6): $100.00 Individual: $50.00 Individual (Senior): $35.00 Couple: $75.00 Couple (Senior): $50.00

Are you a professional who studies about animals? Then purchasing a lifetime membership ($500) will be of great use to you. If you Sierra Safari Zoo Couponshave inquiries about reservations, memberships and other transactions, you may contact the phone number provided on this page. You can also check this site often to get more updates about Sierra Safari Zoo.

Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 3-12): $6.00
Adult (age 13-54): $7.00
Senior (age 55+): $6.00
Toddlers (age 2 below): FREE