Texas Zoo Coupons

There are several zoos in Texas which locals and tourists and locals alike enjoy visiting every year, and are known because of different things. The Forth Worth Zoo for instance first started with only a handful of animals, but now houses more than 400 different species and is considered today to be one of the top ten zoos in the United States. The Dallas Zoo is considered to be the biggest zoological park in Texas and has a total collection of nearly 2,000 animals. Over 400 species are in the zoo, and an additional 375 species are in the Dallas Aquarium which is also managed by the Dallas Zoo.

San Antonio Zoo also has a wide range of animals in their property, over 3,500 animals and over 750 species. It’s also one of the most visited zoos in Texas, with annual visitors of over 850,000. Another blockbuster zoo with over a million visitors every year is the Houston Zoo. It’s also the 7th visited zoo in the country, with over 4,500 animals of over 900 species for the visitors to see. Texas zoos are known mainly because of their diverse collection of animals and the fact that they do a lot to keep the visitors coming back. One of these things is by distributing Texas zoo coupons in different retail stores and local publications. The coupons are also available online, a medium which most people find more useful and efficient. If you’d like to visit any of the Texas zoos, you don’t have to look far if savings is what you’re looking for.

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