Top 12 Animal Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween!

You know that annoying mom that lives on your block that passes out tooth brushes, toothpaste and fruit to your children on Halloween. The items that your kids probably toss aside in the living room while they are digging through their loot of candy to find the king size Snickers bar they received from Mrs. Jones a few blocks away.

Well that’s me.

I’m honestly not the biggest fan of this holiday, but it does give me the excuse to set guidelines of my kids for when it is appropriate to eat candy. Everything in moderation right?! 🙂

The only part I really enjoy about Halloween is the aspect of being able to dress my kids up in adorable costumes without having to worry about what their teachers might think… like if they came to school dressed as a penguin.

Since my husband or myself must accompany the children when they go trick or treating we of course feel the need to play our part and find the BEST ADULT Halloween costumes ourselves. This year, our theme is Animals. Let me save you the trouble of finding them yourselves.

Here are my top 12 favorites (in no particular order):


Costume #1: Jimmy Fallon’s Panda Costume

The title says it all. It includes attached paws, a huge panda head, shoe covers and of course the body suit itself.

Cost: only $24.95 – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #2: Happy Elephant Costume.

I don’t really know how happy my husband would be if I ordered this for him, but the suit is a full coverage body suit with hood, making for a very realistic elephant.

Cost: $48.99 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #3: Rasta Impasta Giraffe Costume

I recommend this costume to anyone who wants to feel like they are 8 inches taller! It’s also one of the few that isn’t a full body suit. It’s pants and top separated.

Cost: just $38.34 – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #4: Monkey Costume

Classic, but yet so great because my son loves that no more monkeys jumping on the bed song. Apparently it reminds him of it. What a treat for a young child to see their dad (or mom) dress up in this!

Cost: only $42.41 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #5: Squirrel Costume

I think this is one of the most embarrassing, but unique animal costumes you can find. I love the fluffy tail and big nuts that the suit comes with!

Cost: $58.82 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #6: Penguin Costume

One year we got this to match my son’s costume. It was surprisingly lightweight and not as hot as some of the previous costumes we have purchased.

Cost: Super Cheap Only $11.04 – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #7: Deluxe Parrot Costume

This is the probably the most eye catching animal costume I have seen. The vibrant colors make the outfit pop and it’s a worthy investment if you want something different.

Cost: $66.10 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #8: Crocodile Costume

I won’t lie. I thought this was a dinosaur at first. Haha. It’s a very soft and plush costume. I think it was meant to be scary, but turned out to be a cute crocodile instead.

Cost: $53.68 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #9: Fox Costume

This one is a high quality suit made by the same company as the crocodile. It is one of my favorites and one of the few with full body and face coverage.

Cost: $48.99 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #10: Gecko Costume

Insurance is probably what you think of when you think of a gecko as a mascot or costume, but kids love this. At first they might think you are a frog though, so you might have to correct them.

Cost: $36.45 – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #11: Eagle Costume

Elaborate to say the least and scarier than a devil costume. The latex mask makes the suit a bit less breathable on a warm fall night, but it’s definitely a one of a kind suit. I just wish they had feet to go with it that would cover over your shoes.

Cost: $73.19 + Free Shipping – Click here to get it at Amazon


Costume #12: Ground Hog Costume

Last, but not least. This one is pricy, but it cracks me up. It is such a goofy costume and definitely one beyond compare to any of the others. From behind you will resemble a bear. From the front, some people might look for your 2 front teeth to be a beaver, but I guarantee you, won’t find many ground hogs running around your neighborhood.

Cost: $242 – Click here to get it at Amazon

Ok, so that was my list. Not in any particular order, but I thought it would be appropriate site, since this is a site about zoo animals. Each of these animal costumes are animals you will find in a zoo. It’s time to get creative!