The Top 5 Water Bottles to Bring to the Zoo

Summer. Heat. Holidays.

These are the most popular times for people to visit the zoo. The great thing about the zoos is they are generally open all year round to accommodate all the local visitors that have year round passes. Ultimately, though, most people would describe the best time to visit a zoo is during the summer. When the sun is shining and your kids can enjoy the rain free weather, but this also means that parents have to struggle to keep their kids hydrated.

For whatever reason though, most kids don’t like drinking water. Some common complaints that I have often heard from kids or parents are the following

Reason #1 – I don’t want to drink warm water. It’s gross.
Reason #2 – Water has no flavor! I want juice.
Reason #3 – I don’t want that bottle. I want [insert name]’s bottle!

There are probably a lot more reasons or what I would rather call…excuses…as to why your kids might not want to drink water while at the zoo. Those are just a few and here are some handy suggested bottles that are top rated that other parents who struggle just like you have found to work on their kids.

Here is a list of my top 5 water bottles:

#1 –Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle – Yes, the name is a bit redundant (), but it is an EXCELLENT water bottle and solves reason #1.



  • Pros – Reasonably priced. Insulated to keep the water golf. BPA Free. Easy to clean. Dishwasher/Freezer Safe.
  • Cons – Often sold out on most sites. Some people have complained that it leaks at the seal. Requires a lot of pressure or strength to get water to flow out = a bit hard for the average child.


They also have a very cool kids version that is great for kids and has a nifty loop to hand on the stroller. There is also a design on it that’s kid friendly.

Sometimes kids will love to have something that matches their parents, but still feel like it’s their own.

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#2 – Kinzi Sport Water Bottle – Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.This is a great way to get your kids to drink a natural form of “juice.” You can flavor your water with fruit and kids as well as adults LOVE it.


  • Pros – Price. Make sure to buy it on sale. Flip cap is easy to drink from. Removable infuser filter making it easy to clean. BPA-free. Lifetime warranty. Fits in the car cup holder. Lid with a cap on it.
  • Cons – The filter can get stuck. Easily scratched. Quality isn’t the best. Infuser arrives crooked.

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#3 – NALGENE Tritan Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle – I’m sure many of you probably already have one of these water bottles sitting in your pantry closet, but what we really love is the narrow mouth feature that Nalgene finally has. As you can imagine, a small 3 year old who wants to do everything themselves, drinking the typical wide mouth bottle can mean disaster (or the need to bring a lot of change of clothes).



  • Pros – Affordable if you buy it on sale. Narrow Mouth opening. BPA Free. Little loop that helps you hang it on the stroller or on a bag with ease. Lots of different colors.
    Easy to clean.
  • Cons – Doesn’t fit in the car cup holder because of the wide base. It can hold so much water, that it may be too heavy for your child to hold. Can break in the dishwasher. Can crack if dropped.

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#4 –CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle –  Most people recognize the name before they recognize the bottle itself. Hydration is the number 1 goal of this company as an outdoor water pack company. This is the newly designed bottle that they just released.



  • Pros – Redesigned cap and bite valve for a faster flow. No tipping required. Dishwasher safe. BPA –Free. Spill proof. Lifetime Guarantee. Fun colors.
  • Cons – A bit expensive in comparison to most of the other water bottles even on sale. Can be difficult to learn the Flip, bite, and Sip drink method. More difficult to clean. Often leaks. The bite valve can get stuck.

There’s also a kid friendly CamelBak eddy version that kids will love. Recommended for ages 3-8 years old with fun graphics on it. There’s also a simpler 1 piece bite valve that is easier for the kids to use.

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#5 –Contigo Trekker Kids Water Bottle – This is probably one of the coolest designed water bottles for a kid and for a parent. There’s the hot and cold versions, but this one is our favorite water bottle version.



  • Pros – Patented AUTOSEAL lid = 100% leak and spill proof. Easy grip. Dishwasher safe. One piece and easy to clean. Cool color options. Affordable price for the innovation and often-sold in 2 packs.
  • Cons – Need to make sure to clean it well to avoid mold accumulation in the lids. Seal can break if dropped too many times. Doesn’t stay as cold as other bottles.

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This is just a brief list of my top 5 choices, but feel free to check them out. Every bottle works differently for every kid and our goal is to give you choices. It’s crazy, but some kids won’t drink from one style of bottle and they will with another. Personally, I like to train my kids to drink from whatever is available, but ultimately, it’s always better to bring your own water than pay the exorbitant zoo prices for a water bottle off the cart. 

If you have any suggestions or comments to share, please do!