Victoria Bug Zoo

Victoria Bug Zoo
631 Courtney Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1B8


(250) 384-Bugs

Bugs and insects for most people are gross creatures; people will never allow themselves get near these hairy, slimy or multi-legged beings in any way. Well, if you’re the other kind of person who just loves to study about bugs, the Victoria Bug Zoo would be the best locale to visit when you’re in Victoria, British Columbia. Bring your family along for a complete fun and educational tour. You’ll surely be surprised how amazing these creatures are in terms of their nature and way of living. Learn about the 40 marvelous species of bugs which includes the Canada’s largest ant farm!

Check out some of the “residents” at the zoo:

Giant Stag Beetles
Frog Beetles
Pharnacia (World’s Longest Insect)
Malaysian Tiger Beetles
Giant Bush Crickets
Malaysian Jungle Nymphs
Giant Sonoran Centipede
White-eyed Assassin Bugs
Dead-leaf Mantis
Leaf Cutter Ants
Walking Sticks

Take a look at the admission rates again. It’s amazing that for a few dollars, you and your kids can have a worthwhile day that you surely won’t forget! Should you want to buy a few keepsakes for your friends, there’s a Bug Zoo Gift Shop located in the premises of the zoo. Planning to have a group tour here? You may dial the phone number posted on this page about group rates and other inquiries. Visit Victoria Bug Zoo now and have an unforgettable hands-on adventure!

Current Operation Hours:

Monday through Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Victoria Bug ZooAdmission Rates:
Adult (age 19-64): $9.00
Senior (age 65+): $8.00
Youth (age 12-18): $7.00
Child (age 3-11): $6.00
Toddler (age 2 below): FREE
Annual Pass (any age): $25.00