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About the Zoo:
Choosing between a trip to a theme park or a tour in a zoo? Well, why not try both at the same time? If you think that’s it’s impossible to do that, you might not heard all about York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo and Amusement Park! It’s a zoo with a theme park near it. Now you and your kids will have a great time in this tour spot! Just think about this, you don’t only get to experience thrilling fun from different rides, you will also have an educational tour that will stuff your kids’ mind with informational facts about wild animals! Take note that the admission above this page is a guideline for zoo admission only. If you want to purchase a ticket for both the zoo and theme park, here’s an admission guideline:

Kids (ages 4-10): $14.75 Adults: $19.75 Toddlers (ages 3 under): $4.75

Ticket Admission Price:
Kids (ages 4-10): $9.00
Adults: $14.75
Toddlers (ages 3 under): $1.00
Please be informed that the rides Go-Karts, Pony Rides and Elephant are not included on the packages mentioned. Here’s the ticket price guide for each ride:

Go-Karts: $3.00 (1 Ride)/$10.00 (4 Rides) Elephant Rides: $10.00 Pony Rides: $2.00

If you want to have an unlimited ride for the whole day after taking a look with the wonderful animals, all you have to do is pay $10.00. Know more about York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo and Amusement Park by checking this website regularly.
York Zoo Coupons