Zoo Montana Coupons

Zoo Montana
2100 South Shiloh Billing, MT 59106

Phone: (406) 652-8100
Fax: (406) 652-9281
Email: zoomt@zoomontana.org

About the Zoo:
The sight of numerous wild animals is not a usual experience. If you want to take your kids to a place where they will enjoy and learn at the same time, Zoo montana would be the best choice especially if you’re living in Montana. The animals here are not simply caged to be seen by visitors. The management of the zoo made sure that animals will have a “home away from home”. That’s why you will see exhibits beautifully decorated with realistic habitats to make the animals feel more secure and at ease. Don’t know what’s happening behind the walls of this zoo? Here are some of the exhibits that you and your kids will surely love:

Amur (Siberian) Tiger
Bald Eagle
Discovery Center
Living Wall
Pygmy Marmoset
North American River Otter
Red Panda
Turkey Vulture
Northern Mainland Sika Deer

Want your kids to learn more about the animals and nature? There are educational programs offered by Zoomontana.

Zoo School
Fall Camps
Educational Trunks
Homeschool Classes

Zoo Montana CouponsIf you have inquiries regarding reservations, memberships and group rates, you may call the phone number posted in this page. You can also check this website or the zoo’s site often to get pitches about zoo information and discounts.

Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 3-15): $3.25
Adult: $6.25
Senior: $4.25