Zoo of Acadiana Coupons

Zoo of Acadiana
116 Lakeview Drive
Broussard, LA 70518

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About the Zoo:
Choosing the park or tour spot for your kids can be easy especially if you are living in Louisiana. Why, there’s Zoo of Acadiana where you and your family can discover informational facts and fun stuff about the numerous animals displayed! This zoo will not show your kids that animals are supposed to be caged but rather animals should be given with proper care. Want to know what other attractions that await inside the premises of Zoo or Acadiana? Here are some of the features:

Antelope Express Train Ride – If you get tired easily because of long-time walking, riding this train will be of great delight to you and your kids. For only $3.00 per individual, you will get to experience a nice view of zebras, waterbucks, gibbons, wildcats, primates and the vast savanna without even breaking a single sweat!

Jungle Lodge Playground – Should your kids get tired of looking at animals and they want a place where they can play, this playground would be of great help. It’s a customized house of fun, with several slides, hideouts, rock walls, bridges and Zoo of Acadiana Discountsrooms for your kids to play in! You can even rest for a short time while watching your kids enjoy their time in this playhouse.

For inquiries about reservations, you may call the phone number on the top part of this page. Check this website regularly for more updates about Zoo of Acadiana.

Ticket Admission Price:
Child (age 3-12): $5.50
Adult (age 13-54): $9.25
Senior (age 55+): $8.25
Toddler (age 2 under): FREE